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Roles for Young People

Roles for Young People

Looking for volunteering experience to improve your wellbeing, gain new skills and boost your confidence, meet new people or maybe for your D of E Award or CV?

“I’ve enjoyed coming into contact with people from my local community of varying ages and backgrounds. I have felt a sense of personal achievement as well as improving different skills. Any sort of volunteering is worth your time and effort. It is good to realise when you are young how much of an influence and sense of purpose you can feel if you get involved with your local community.”  
Rebecca, a HELP volunteer 


A  recent study by the Royal Voluntary Service explores the potential of volunteering to improve life chances. The report found that out of 1,000 volunteers aged between 16 and 65, more than half credited volunteering with improving their job prospects. This rose to 73 per cent among 16 to 19-year-olds. More than a third of volunteers aged 16-19 said that volunteering helped them get their first job.  

There is also significant evidence that volunteering can provide you with opportunities to:    

  • Develop new skills, confidence and interests 
  • Support wellbeing & mental health 
  • Build professional and personal skills  
  • Have fun, develop new networks and friendships 
  • Break down barriers between generations  
  • Gain relevant work-experience - adding depth to personal statements and CVs   
  • Gain qualifications  
  • Contribute to a cause you care about. 
  • Better understand your community and take an active role in it 

Being part of Squigglers meant so much to me. Not only was it great fun and a really lovely open and accepting environment, but over the time I spent volunteering I grew so much and developed a confidence that I didn't have before and that I still carry with me now. It opened up a new world to me and I looked forward to it each week.


Different organisations have different volunteer policies and some may not be able to accept volunteers who are under the age of 18. This may be due to issues such as insurance or safeguarding of vulnerable individuals. We have put together some information and just some ideas for local volunteering opportunities for students and young people.


If you find an opportunity which is of interest to you please contact the organisation directly for more information. Please remember that many charities only have part time staff so give the organisation at least a week to respond to your enquiry. 



If you're based in Ripon and the surrounding area you have the opportunity to take part in 'The Power of 10' volunteering challenge. You can join with friends to get involved in fun projects and, if you complete 10 hours of volunteering, you will each receive a certificate and badge. You can find more details here or please get in touch with us at



You can also search our Volunteering Directory and log in to make enquiries online about roles which interest you. In the Advanced Search you can select roles which are open to young people under 18 years of age.   

Artizan International and their lovely Shop, Café and Creative Space have a wide variety of volunteering opportunities for all ages where you can learn and share many different skills. These include Café front of house; Kitchen food prep and baking; Craft Assistant; Fair Trade Shop and Order Packing; Finishing products/sewing; Admin Support; DIY & maintenance.
There are some great opportunities for young people 14+, including those taking part in the DoE Awards- for example gaining experience volunteering in the busy town centre café or supporting the shop manager serving customers, finishing products, restocking the shop and keeping it clean and tidy on a Saturday.  Visit our HADCA Volunteering Directory where all the roles are listed (enter Artizan in the keyword search under Advanced Search to see them all).  

If for any reason you have contacted an organisation listing an opportunity and you haven't heard back please get in touch with us via our Contact Form 

Browse our booklet below for some ideas to inspire you!