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Community Fit Team Tasks

Community Fit Team Tasks



We meet every Wednesday evening for our Team Tasks.  These are an opportunity for our members (known as "FitStars") to get together, be active and have fun while helping local charities, community centres, sports clubs, schools, churches, environmental projects and other community groups.  Often we can complete jobs that wouldn’t get done without us, or would take one person a long time to finish.  We travel together on foot from our HQ on East Parade in Harrogate to wherever we are going to help.  This is usually no more than 2 miles (3km) each way



When the weather is good enough we work outdoors - for example laying paths, digging ponds, weeding, painting fences and walls, delivering leaflets.  We also help out inside with whatever needs doing - we’ve made and hung up Christmas decorations, cut tiles for mosaics, tidied a school library, put up displays, unpacked deliveries and moved furniture and equipment.  We are willing to give most things a go, but we don’t have any special skills and no one has to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with. We work for an hour and it’s amazing what we can achieve in this time!



Sometimes we organise a Team Task at a different time during the week - maybe because there is a special event on (we’ve helped at school fairs and at the Harrogate Round Table charity beer festival) or because we want to spend more than an hour working on a project with one of our partners.

All our Team Tasks are listed on “Spond” (the booking system we use) a few weeks in advance and you can just accept the invitation to any that you would like to join, you don’t have to come every week.  Any extra information you need to know about that week’s task will be on Spond. We also have an optional WhatsApp Community where we can chat and share photos from our tasks.



We meet at Community House on East Parade, Harrogate every Wednesday evening between 5:30 and 5:45pm. Our Activity Leader, Laura, or one of our volunteer FitLeaders is there to welcome everyone.  One of the leaders then takes us through a group warm up before we leave Community House at 6pm to make our way to wherever we are helping out that evening. Some people walk, some walk/run, and some run at a faster pace.  We split into groups so we can accommodate all paces and nobody gets left behind.  We plan our routes so we arrive at our destination at around 6:30pm.

Someone from the organisation is there to meet us and give us our instructions for the evening. We help out for around an hour, we work hard and get as much done as we can but there is often a refreshment break too!

At around 7:30pm it’s time to finish and head back to Community House.  We get back just before 8pm and warm down together.  Most weeks some people go to the Devonshire Tap House just down the road for a quick drink, everyone is welcome!



"I moved to Harrogate looking for new experiences and to meet people in my retirement. From litter picking to pond digging, we stay active while making a difference. I’ve found friends, making Harrogate feel like home. It's a fun, inclusive experience for all ages, and you don’t need to be a pro runner. This group has created lots of opportunities I would never have considered."  


Want to get involved? You can EMAIL US if you have any questions, read our FAQs or JOIN NOW