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Together Everyone Achieves More

Together Everyone Achieves More

‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ has been the motto of Jennyruth Workshops since the local charity was founded. 

It’s also at the heart of our Connecting Ripon Network of local charities and groups as we share knowledge, ideas and support; working together to enable more people to make a positive contribution to local community life. 

Jennyruth Workshops is a productive workshop for adults who have learning disabilities (also known as workers). It’s here that they (with support from staff and volunteers) make habitat boxes, trugs, bespoke products and gifts for the whole family. 

In July, after 16 months working from home due to the pandemic, the Jennyruth Workshops family was finally reunited. One of workers, Jamie said: “We were so pleased to be back at Jennyruth Workshops to see all our friends, staff and volunteers again.” The workers are at the heart of the workshops and so seeing their faces light up as they entered the building was pure joy. William was excited to get back on the scroll saw and Daniel embraced his new role in the office, while Rachael and Victoria have enjoyed teaming up to build bug homes. 

Being part of a community where organisations work together and support one another is really something special. It gives Jennyruth workers incredible opportunities to volunteer, take part in events, and work on community projects. Matthew says “I love volunteering at Ripon Cathedral. I was given a special red gown to wear with a name badge and I give the guided tour maps out and show visitors round. I can’t wait to go back to it again.”

The Jennyruth Community Jigsaw project saw 40 different organisations in and around Ripon, come together to each design a jigsaw piece. The 2 completed jigsaws along with Jennyruth’s Life in Lockdown Book, a collection of stories, poems and recipes written during the pandemic, are on display at Ripon Library.

Local businesses have always been very supportive when it comes to donations, providing publicity opportunities and selling Jennyruth products. There are now 9 local outlets, details of which can be found at With an online shop too there are plenty of opportunities to buy some special gifts for Christmas, and all year around! 

The team at Jennyruth are running a national campaign to highlight how small independent charities across the country often get overlooked in favour of bigger national charities and how important it is that sponsorship, support and donations reach grass roots level where it is very much needed and makes a massive difference. 

If you would like to join the campaign or find out more then please go to or call Jennyruth on 01765 606620. 

More volunteers and funds are needed to meet demand for services, so any help you can give local charities will be very much appreciated. 

You can also support local good causes by buying charity cards and gifts, playing THE LOCAL LOTTO and visiting your local charity shops. The Ripon Walled Garden team are raising funds by selling Christmas Trees and will also collect them in the New Year to recycle into woodchip. 

If you’re thinking of New Year Resolutions and want to keep motivated getting active, connecting with people or learning new skills, remember there is no better way than to volunteer with other like-minded people! Visit to find out more and be inspired!