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Ripon - City of Angels

A positive story of community and the value of volunteers.

City of Angels is a short film to celebrate the work of local charities and volunteers during the Covid-19 pandemic, made by Ripon Cathedral Community Connections (C3).

It is a positive story of community and the value of volunteers featuring just some of our many local charities and people giving time and care to keep others safe, well and connected. 

Featuring in the film are Ripon Community House and Food Support, Dementia Forward, Jennyruth Workshops, Ripon Museums Trust, Ripon Community Link, Ripon City of Sanctuary, Christian Aid, the Cathedral volunteers and our own HELP Ripon and Rural team

The film is a ‘snapshot’ of the ways that local groups adapted their existing services or developed totally new services to meet the needs of people during the pandemic.

You can watch the video here