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Never More Needed

The support of local charities is #NeverMoreNeeded

There have been significant challenges for local charitable organisations across Harrogate District since the coronavirus outbreak. 

Covid-19 has given rise to unprecedented times and completely changed the way we live and work. This is true for our local charities keeping people safe, happy and healthy, offering opportunities to connect through online and physically distanced learning, creative and social activities. Charity teams have remained passionately committed to supporting people who need their services. 

At the moment it's even more important for local charity leaders to connect and to have a friendly space to share latest news, achievements, challenges and opportunities. Our Chief Officers and Chairs Catch Up on Zoom is a chance to do this.  

At the August Catch Up these were the themes that emerged:

·         Local charities are being very flexible, adapting services and working in partnership, for example via online and phone services, home support and activity programmes, garden visits and small group meetings
·         There’s been an amazing community response and lots of new volunteers coming forward. We need to play a part in harnessing goodwill, sustaining this community spirit and rooting social solidarity in local life going forward 
·         Some older volunteers, volunteers with young families and those advised to shield haven’t been able to volunteer and the roles they will be able to undertake may need to be reviewed 
·         There are challenges around re-opening buildings and resuming face to face services with need for lots of work on risk assessments and making sure people are confident and comfortable with what they are asked to do
·         Local charities are busy working on recovery plans and contributing to wider partnership plans
·         There have been good opportunities to apply for grants for the emergency phase, however charities are now starting to look ahead and there are real concerns about future funding. There will be challenges for funding operating costs and modernisation of services to provide these in a new safe way everyone can access, digital inclusion, priority for people not able to engage online, supporting those whose employment and mental health has been affected, and the desire to build back better.

The pandemic has been a reminder that we are all interconnected and dependent on co-operation. HADCA and our charity network look forward to continuing to play a key role as we support those in most need and plan for a fairer and more sustainable future together. 

If you would like to know more please browse our website to find out about local services in our Where To Turn Directory, volunteering opportunities, our networks and to sign up for bulletins to keep up to date with the latest news.