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Getting Fit by Doing Good

Getting Fit by Doing Good

Harrogate District Community Fit is the name for an exciting new programme launching in the Harrogate District in 2022. 

The aim is to create a community of runners, walkers and cyclists that combine getting fit with doing good. These volunteers will combine their physical activity with stop offs to carry out tasks for community organisations and to support anyone with conditions related to health or old age that prevent them from doing the things they want/need to do, for example isolated older people with social visits and one-off tasks they can’t do on their own. 

Consisting of three programmes, Community Fit will compliment community support through a network of supported volunteers who will in turn benefit from their own increased physical activity levels and participation in their communities. The project will also aim to increase the movement levels of the ‘end user’, so for example, a volunteer will encourage an old person to get up to help make a cup of tea. 

The Community Fit project is a partnership between local charities North Yorkshire Sport and Harrogate & District Community Action and two new part time roles have been created for which recruitment is now underway. We’re excited about finding two enthusiastic people who can really help get people moving and essential tasks done in 2022 and beyond!

Update 11 January 2022: The closing date for the posts of Community Fit Activator, based with North Yorkshire Sport, and Community Fit Task Coordinator, based with HADCA, has now passed and we look forward to sharing further updates soon! 


Thanks to Centre for Ageing Better for the photo