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Congratulations to the Power of 10 Volunteering Award Winners

Congratulations to the Power of 10 Volunteering Award Winners

Community kindness is a positive force that brings people together, fostering a sense of belonging and shared responsibility. A new sense of connection can promote understanding and help break down any barriers that may exist. Even small actions can make a big impact.

Over the last 18 months, our Volunteering City of Ripon Skell Valley Partnership Project has been collaborating with Ripon YMCA and Ripon Library, working on a pilot programme to inspire and empower our young people to explore the many benefits of volunteering both to them and their community. 

The Power of 10 Challenge rewards young people for giving their time and sharing their enthusiasm, ideas and skills with their community. 

Jo Thackwray, project co-ordinator said: “We’re so proud to celebrate and recognise the growing number of young people who have been exploring volunteering for the first time, and contributed to the Ripon community over the last year.”

Every small gesture of kindness has the power to change lives, recognising the needs and feelings of others and taking positive actions to brighten their days. This can be helping neighbours or volunteering for a local charity.  

This activity has to date seen over 60 young people, collectively volunteering more than 600 hours and earning their Power of 10 , 20, 50 and 100 awards along the way.  
Jo said: “The Power of 10 Challenge is proving so popular we are currently working to expand the scheme to encourage young people to reach as many as 100 hours of volunteering. Not only do they reap the personal wellbeing benefits of volunteering, once they reach the 4 different milestones along the way, they receive certificates, rewards from local businesses and support to create their own personal statement, which they can use for job  or college applications.”

One of the wonderful unexpected outcomes of this new scheme has been the engagement from young people who have particular personal challenges. They may be at a point in in their lives where they have low self-esteem and confidence and feel they are on the perimeter of the community. By getting involved in the Power of 10 they are thriving and eager to explore more volunteering opportunities and positive life experiences.

 I found out about YMCA Youth when I was skating by the Youth Workers. I had started getting in a bit of trouble. I started going to stuff and became a young leader, then got my Power of 10 certificate.
I helped at the YMCA Shop and really enjoyed it. I now go every weekend and will get my Power of 20 soon. I’m talking about doing a Prince’s Trust certificate.

Thank you to all the community heroes giving hope for a positive future for us all.