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Care in Action Summer 2018

Care in Action Newsletter Summer 2018

The HARCVS Care In Action Newsletter is published 3 times a year and contains news from HARCVS and our member charities, articles and information on a range of topics such as special events, new campaigns, training, new local services and resources.

This Summer edition 'Reaching, Supporting and Caring' includes news about another exciting new project HARCVS has been involved with as a partner this year. THE LOCAL LOTTO for the Harrogate District is a new way for local good causes to fundraise and to gain new supporters. It's free for good causes to join and money raised will make an important contribution towards our local voluntary and community sector.

You can read about the recent 'Value of Small' research which found that local charities ‘reach the people others can't, provide the support others don't, stay engaged when others won't’, and articles on Protecting our Future and Supporting People who are Homeless. 

There's lots more included in our 20 page Newsletter, so why not make a cuppa or a refreshing cool drink and find out how we've been promoting, supporting and connecting local charities and volunteers over the last few months and how you could get involved.