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The Bereavement Journey Support - Loss and Hope

The Bereavement Journey Support - Loss and Hope
27th January 2022 7:30pm
St Marks Church

St Marks Church, Harrogate


A 5 week course for those who have been bereaved (at any time). There is an additional 6th week for those who wish to attend the session on ‘Faith Questions’. 

Course starts from Thursday 27 January, 7.30pm – 9.30pm.

This course consists of videos by a bereavement counsellor and time in small groups to talk about your own experiences and thoughts on the videos.  The sessions are with the bereavement team at St Marks, including a bereavement counsellor from Cruse, who is happy to work 1:1 with anyone from the course who would value it. 

If anyone would like to sign up they need to contact Catherine Gibbin,