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Communications Lead

Communications Lead
Zero Carbon Harrogate
Description of the role:

Zero Carbon Harrogate is a volunteer led working to effect change across the District so that we can rapidly become a leading low carbon economy. We are a volunteer led organisation. We are seeking a Communications Coordinator to lead this important strand of our work.

The role of Communication Coordinator is strategically important to us as an organisation, as all our working groups depend on quality communication to ensure that their messages reach a wide audience. Having recently obtained charity status and published our vision and strategy document Becoming a Net Zero Carbon District by 2030 we are seeking to expand the reach of the organisation and the number of people volunteering with us.

Main activates:
• Develop and implement a communications strategy for the organisation, in consultation with the Chair and Vice Chair
• Being a Trustee and an active member of the Management Committee
• Becoming aware of and implementing the roles and responsibilities of a Trustee
• Working with the Working Group Leads to ensure that their current objectives and actions are well communicated and media content is passed on regularly in line with the communications strategy
• Coordinating the volunteers assisting with different areas of communications such as the ZCH website, social media, press engagement
• Ensuring that media content is appropriate and compliant with the ZCH Social Media Policy and ZCH position statements
• Communicate with the local press as necessary
• Ensure that the social media and other communications policies are reviewed annually
• Assess and mitigate any reputational risk associated with ZCH communications

Skills and qualities needed for the role:

The Communications Coordinator should have:
• Awareness and knowledge of the issues around climate change
• Strategic thinking
• Able to influence, lead and achieve support for agreed strategies
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Good IT skills
• Knowledge of communication platforms and local press
• Detailed knowledge of some areas of decarbonising strategies
• To have had experience in relating to volunteers
• Experience in one or more areas of media
• be a person of integrity;
• have an understanding of confidentiality issues and the use of discretion;
• be sympathetic to the needs of others;
• have good organisation skills
• a commitment to objective and strategy of Zero Carbon Harrogate
• a positive approach to addressing climate change, building climate resilience and adaptation

Practical information:

The role of Communications Coordinator requires an estimated commitment of 10 hours per month.
Please note:
There will be an induction and orientation programme to assist the volunteer in their new role and training will be made available for the volunteer where they may have skills gaps.


Additional Information
DBS check needed: No
Driving licence needed: No
Car owner: No
Open to: Over 18s
Is this role wheelchair accessible?: Yes
North Yorkshire
Last updated: 15.06.2022
Organisation Information

ZCH is bringing together individuals, community groups, local businesses and our politicians to work collaboratively to transform our district and become one of the first low carbon economies in the UK. We are developing and supporting low carbon projects in the district and celebrating local success stories, which showcase how businesses and individuals can significantly reduce their carbon emissions. We currently have groups focusing on food and food waste, buildings and energy, transport and carbon capture (typically through forestry management and tree planting).