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Courses and training Mediator

Courses and training Mediator
Parenting Together T/A Partog
Description of the role:

Newly introduced courses are zoom meetings prefaced by a video on the specific topic to be discussed.
The host/coordinator manages these discussions and explains the reasoning or research on the topic.

Skills and qualities needed for the role:

A somewhat stoic and practical approach to problem solving. We work with families suffering extreme trauma while living the worst nightmare for every parent; the unlawful abduction of their children. Imagine eternally living in that split second your child wandered out of sight among a crowd of unrelated strangers. At the top of our 'insist' list; noble ethics and high standards of integrity. During an Extraordinary meeting with the Charity Commission 26/05/21, they said Partog is constantly under intense scrutiny because it ranks in the top 1% of registered charities safeguarding vulnerable adults and children; on the same level as NSPCC.

Practical information:

The meetings will take place weekday mornings or afternoons lasting an hour or slightly longer as needed
Partog, spends an exceptionally high percentage of its budget on training staff to provide professional grade and appropriately qualified support for disadvantaged parents who could not otherwise afford it. Volunteers will be expected to join the meetings as a service user until they gradually gain confidence


Additional Information
DBS check needed: Yes
Driving licence needed: No
Car owner: No
Open to: Over 18s
Is this role wheelchair accessible?: Yes
8 Donald Smith Court
Constable Burton
North Yorkshire
Last updated: 05.08.2021
Organisation Information

We provide legal assistance for families with young children, irrespective of gender, heritage or beliefs, disadvantaged by communication or learning difficulties while involved in Family Court proceedings. We occasionally testify before a Judge or Sheriff for their children’s Humanitarian and Civil Rights to fair and informed consideration by the Family Court. We intend to share our insight and services using trained local volunteers working in areas of high crime and poverty. At an Extraordinary Meeting 26/05/21, the Charity Commission explained why they subjected us to such intense scrutiny. Of 168,000 registered charities, Parenting Together evidently ranks in the top 1% for safeguarding vulnerable adults and children, alongside NSPCC and others.

Charity number: 1149523