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Trustee child protection charity

Trustee child protection charity
Parenting Together T/A Partog
Description of the role:

The charity protects and ensures a better future for children by enabling their parents and immediate family to care for them, as with the safest happiest and highest achieving families in the UK. explains the reality of what we confront every day.

Skills and qualities needed for the role:

- Critical analysis of facts without prejudice or favour.
- Experience of childcare and parenting issues
- An understanding or willing to learn of how the safest highest achieving and most contented communities function

Practical information:

The Trustees are expected to attend at least one local CVS training course and attend at least one quarterly Trustee/management Zoom meeting pa


Additional Information
DBS check needed: Yes
Driving licence needed: No
Car owner: No
Open to: Age 17+
Is this role wheelchair accessible?: Yes
North Yorkshire
Last updated: 03.12.2020
Organisation Information

This charity provides voluntary and professional services free to both, limited abilities parents and the parents of limited abilities children involved in Family Court proceedings. Suicide is now the main cause of death for UK children from the age of five (ONS, 2019). The vast majority lost contact with one or both parents, suffered abuse or Parental Alienation. We therefore offer all parents access to Paralegal and Family Law Solicitors, Expert Witness Reports or Video-link testimony, Parenting Assessments Advocacy etc. Some children needlessly and unjustly lose their Rights to a normal family life because of their special needs or their parents “perceived” capabilities. We therefore arrange community support from their relatives, local Health Centre and voluntary community groups. We enable all disadvantaged families to care for their children at the parental home or with close family, instead of placing them into the hands of unrelated strangers.

Charity number: 1149523