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Employment and Resource Centre Mentor

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Employment and Resource Centre Mentor
Ripon Salvation Army
Description of the role:

There are a variety of tasks for this project which will be shared among volunteers. The role includes the following tasks - meeting and greeting clients with the offer of refreshments; helping unload application forms; prepare CVs; set-up email addresses etc; establishing assistance required by jobseekers. The latter task could involve signposting clients to other agencies, discussing ways of improving employment prospects etc as required. The centre opens at 9:00 - 11.30 on Wednesdays. We are looking for 'bank' volunteers to cover holidays and sickness. This centre was set up to provide facilities for local people so that they do not need to travel to Harrogate for the same service. It is especially useful for those without internet at home. The role is really to assist and encourage job seekers in a non-judgemental way. It is ideally suited to recently retired people or those between jobs themselves.

Skills and qualities needed for the role:

Available to anyone. IT familiarity is needed for parts of the role; empathy and approachability are the main requirements.

Practical information:

Lead Lane is a stop on the 36 bus route. There is parking at the hall.


Additional Information
DBS check needed: No
Driving licence needed: No
Car owner: No
Open to: Age 17+
Is this role wheelchair accessible?: Yes
The Reach Out Centre
Lead Lane
North Yorkshire
Last updated: 20.05.2020
Organisation Information

First and foremost a church which provides significant social outreach and provision to our local community. Lunch clubs, employment advice,

Charity number: 214779

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