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Case reviewer/assessor

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Case reviewer/assessor
Parenting Together T/A Partog
Description of the role:

We receive around 3 or 4 applications from parents deprived of their children because of professional malpractices, misinformed and illegal decisions. These children are at the highest levels for suicide, domestic abuse and damage to their mental health. So, following consultations with NSPCC and the Ministry of Justice, we need at least three independent reviewers to assess each application as a genuine miscarriage of Justice, professional malpractice etc. or if the parent, their immediate friends and family present a greater risk.

Skills and qualities needed for the role:

Critical analysis of facts without prejudice or favour.
Experience of childcare and behaviour problems, happiness, wellbeing etc.
An understanding or willing to learn of how the safest highest achieving and most contented communities function

Practical information:

Each application emailed, might take up to one hour to read, ask us questions and perhaps another hour to consider the probability of outcome and therefore your recommendation that we support the family or limit our support, apply conditions etc.


Additional Information
DBS check needed: Yes
Driving licence needed: No
Car owner: No
Open to: Age 17+
Is this role wheelchair accessible?: Yes
North Yorkshire
Last updated: 20.05.2020
Organisation Information

Reuniting children with lost parents
Within high crime, abuse, homeless and unemployment regions, local authorities Legal, Social and third sector organisations encourage mothers to evict their child's father. Statistically a major cause of suicide for children aged 5 to 19 and latent mental health and behaviour problems from around puberty
We support both parents and their children deprived of their family by providing legal services and reports for the family courts, hearings and High Court of Appeal, London.

Charity number: 1149523

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