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We Move - A Race Equality & Migrants Rights Summit  

We Move - A Race Equality & Migrants Rights Summit  
3rd September 2022 9:00am to 4th September 2022 4:30pm
Runnymede Trust

Leeds University



We are living through turbulent times. Emerging from a global pandemic in which ethnic minority communities have disproportionately suffered, over half of ethnic minority children in Britain are currently living in poverty. We are also facing a legislative agenda which poses the most significant and sustained threat to ethnic minority people’s civil rights in recent memory.

The question we now face is: how do we come together to harness opportunities for change and move towards a better, fairer Britain?  The event will be purposefully intersectional, and has intentionally sought input from the LQBTQ+, Disabled and otherwise marginalised communities.

It will be a welcoming space for ALL sections of our communities, and will be actively centering those voices that are often unheard.

The Summit begins on Friday evening with an on-line only plenary session The in-person event starts on the Saturday morning. Registration opens at 9am,