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Volunteering City Of Ripon: Our Story So Far

Volunteering City Of Ripon: Our Story So Far

Volunteering City Of Ripon is a Heritage Lottery funded partnership project supporting volunteer involving organisations in Ripon to elevate their volunteer offer, and to find innovative, inclusive ways to welcome potential new volunteers from within our community. 

Our Story so far

Phase 1: April 2022 - June 2022

Between April and June 2022 we conducted various research projects to learn more about the landscape of volunteering in Ripon and what our charities and organisations need support with. Ripon already has a wonderful culture of volunteering and a city rich in good and varied volunteering opportunities. However through surveys, face to face consultations and an interactive workshop, where over 20 organisations came together to discuss their triumphs and challenges, we discovered recruiting more young volunteers was a priority for everyone.

By recruiting more 14 to 18 year olds we would begin to create a sustainable pipe line of new volunteers for the future of Ripon, and in turn provide meaningful opportunities and support the wellbeing of our young people. We then begun to dig deeper into how the project could support this activity. Which lead us into phase 2.

Phase 2: From June 2022
We identified 3 key areas for development, which would support increased activity to recruit 14 to 18 year olds.  

  • Training & Awareness 
  • A Ripon Hub
  • Incentives

You can read more about these areas for development on our Volunteering City Of Ripon project page 

In November 2022 people from 13 community organisations involving volunteers in the Ripon area came together at our workshop “Are you ready to recruit young volunteers?”
Topics covered included compliance and safeguarding requirements and there was time to share best practice and to plan volunteering opportunities for 14-18 years olds.